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Exciting News

Flourish Magazine Volume 2 is coming soon… With a little help from you!

We are thrilled to announce our new Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on 20th December to fund the printing costs for Flourish Magazine Volume 2.  


After your incredible support to launch Flourish Volume 1: Asia, over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly, travelling the British Isles to pull together this next edition.


The British Isles edition brings the notion of travel back to our roots, and is an exploration of our homeland. Travel does not have to be about boarding an aeroplane and crossing miles of ocean to find something new, and Flourish Volume 2 highlights this, taking readers on a journey from the Isle of Skye down to the Dorset coast, stopping off across mainland Britain and some of its surrounding islands along the way.


Just like with our first edition, if you support our Kickstarter this time you’ll have access to some incredibly exciting rewards: from limited edition prints to magazine pre orders, and this time we’re even including advertising options for ethical brands and businesses! 


So far, the Flourish team has self-funded the production on Volume 2, and we’ve been working with collaborators to pull together the photography, writing, and artwork that makes Flourish the inspirational and reflective magazine that it is. We wanted to give you the same awesome opportunity to become a part of this edition’s story as we raise the funds to afford this print run.


In November 2017 we launched a campaign to fund the printing of Flourish Magazine Volume 1, and were overwhelmed with the support we received. We raised £3,600 on a target of £2,000 and have put every extra penny back into creating Volume 2. If you were one of our supporters, thank you so much! We could not have done it without you.


Flourish Magazine is about the way people thrive in particular places, and gives a unique and candid insight into communities, cultures, and the different ways we flourish outdoors. It is a study of nature, and the way humans adapt and interact with their surroundings. Flourish Volume 2 shares an eclectic variety of locations, food stories, lifestyle and travel tips, folklore, adventures in nature, and outdoor exploration from the land we call home, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


We are hoping to expand our creative network and form partnerships with other freelancers, brands, and stockists who can support Flourish in the future. To enable this, our Kickstarter comes with a range of reward incentives. For our amazing independent backers, there are pre-ordered magazines, unique photographic prints, and copies of Volume 1 to be had. For brands and stockists, you can pledge for bulk pre-orders for resale, and for the first time, we are offering advertising space for ethical brands and businesses.


Find our new Kickstarter campaign from 20th December 2018, here.

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